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 Body Care
Relaxation Massage
Swedish massage soothes aches and pains, while promoting circulation and relaxation with aromatherapy oils.
Back, Neck & Shoulders..     
                                40 min  $50.00
Full Body..                            
                                60 min  $70.00
Lava Stone Massage
An ancient treatment which will relax your mind and nourish your soul. Aromatherapy oils are massaged into your skin using warm stones. Your body will experience a sense of lightness, as stress and tension are massaged away.                                   85 min         $115.00

Aromatherapy Head Massage
Warm essential oils are massaged into the back, neck, head & face using special techniques that unblock the chakra points, allowing energy to flow thus restoring your health and well-being. Reduces stress, anxiety & depression. Recommended to leave oil in hair for 6 hrs.
                     60 min            $69.00


Vichy Rain Treatment is a prestigious European treatment that takes relaxation to a new level. As you lay under the Vichy Waterfall, you will be encompassed by a deeply relaxing & luxurious experience. Also stimulates lymphatic system aiding in the function of the immune system.  

 Vichy Rain Dry Brush Exfoliation
A dry brush exfoliation that wakes the circulatory system followed by the Vichy Rain massage. Relax with an added scalp & foot massage before finishing with full body hydration cream.
                                  40 min     $95.00

Vichy Rain Warm Body Polish 
An aromatic polish that eliminates dead skin cells with therapeutic rain, re-hydrate with a light massage. Leave silky smooth with harmony in body & spirit.            
                   75 min            $135.00

Vichy Rain Clay Body Wrap
An invigorating body brush exfoliates while preparing the skin to be enveloped with an enriched clay. Hugged by a thermal blanket aiding detoxification & absorption. 
Relax, Revive and Rejuvenate         
                      80 min          $149.00

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