Urban Spa Escape - State-Of-The-Art Services
Hand & Foot Care
Escape Life's little stresses with a mani or pedi! Each service consists of a warm anti-bacterial soak, nail shaping, cuticle trimming, foot callus buffing, relaxing massage and a stunning polish. Add paraffin for moisture or a scrub for exfoliation.
Urban Mani.....        35 min  $26.00
Metro Mani.....         45 min $32.00
(Includes paraffin)
Posh Mani.....           50 min $37.00
(Includes paraffin & scrub)
Shellac Manicure..... 45 min $36.00

Urban Pedi.....         50 min $39.00
Metro Pedi.....          80 min $46.00
(Includes paraffin)
Posh Pedi.....            85 min $51.00
(Includes paraffin & scrub)
Shellac Pedicure..... 60 min $49.00

Little Princess Mani or Pedi
(11 & under)  Mani.....                      30 min $23.00
(11 & under)  Pedi.....                      45 min $26.00
Soak-off Shellac Polish
Revolutionary Soak-off Axxium or Shellac Overlay that is a cured polish applied over your natural nail that offers protection lasting up to 2 weeks! Perfect for the busy woman, special events, extended vacations or any occasion that demands a long lasting finish.

Application Only.....                     30 min $25.00
Removal Only....                           30 min $17.00-19.00
Shellac Add On.....                       30 min $10.00-12.00
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