Booking Policies & Procedures


Booking Procedure:
The best way to book an appointment with us is via text message to 226-668-0625. Please include the following information in your message:
-Your name
-What service you would like to book
-Your availability
-If you have a Gift Certificate please send us a picture to ensure that all your extras are booked correctly.

Deposits: We do require deposit for some of our bookings.
-New set of lashes
-Side by Side appointments
-Spa Packages
- massage and facials
-Groups of 2 or more people and some premium holiday hours
-Services 2+ hours of time

Cancelation: We do follow a 24-72 business hour cancelation policy. Missed or cancelled appointments without proper notice will result in full fee and/redemption of deposit/GC. However the more notice you could give us would be greatly appreciated.
*24 business hours for single service booking
*48 business hours for single side by side bookings, after 4pm and weekends
*72 business hours for spa packages, groups, holiday bookings

Gratuity: A 15 % gratuity will be added to
* group bookings of 2 or more guests
* for spa packages/
* multiple services
* body  & face treatments
* lashes
* single services for more than 2+ guests
* any combo services 2+ hours in length

All sales are final.
Gift Certificates never have an expiry date unless purchased under a promo or donation Promotional Gift Certificates or Services are as per the guidelines for that special or event and can not be altered
Gift Certificates must be present at time of use. Without Gift Certificate, service can not be redeemed.
All Pre-paid IPL must be used for only IPL services