Laser Services

Hair Removal- IPL with DPC Technology

The price is reasonable because it is long lasting so the cost covers a much greater period of time than traditional techniques (waxing, shaving, depilatory cream, tweezers, etc). Moreover Pulsed Light hair removal is much less costly than other permanent techniques.
Our costs vary to each part of the body and how many appointments needed to effectively remove the hair

Face Contouring

Facial Contouring using multiple technologies. Sharplight's treatments enable you to easily achieve natural looking facial contouring results. The treatment uses two proven technologies, that remove unwanted fat deposits, restoring your face to it's orginal shape. 
Tightens lax skin and reduces localized fat.

Skin Rejuvenation-IPL with DPC Technology 

A non- invasive restorative treatment that can correct a variety of skin conditions such as fine lines, enlarged pores, uneven skin tones, acne, loss of elasticity & stimulate collagen. Improves the appearance of your face, neck, chest and hands resulting in smoother healthier and younger-looking skin.

Body Contouring

The majority of us struggle when it comes to achieving the body shape we desire. While diet and exercise are critical factors in the process, their main downfall is that they can't target specific body areas. Fortunately, Sharplight's body contouring treatments can! In just a few treatments you can improve your localized fat.
Produces slimmer contoured bodies.

Pigment Lesions - IPL with DPC Technology

Pigmented lesions are darkened spots on the skin. Their causes vary - they can be hereditary, or appear after hormonal changes like childbirth. The majority of pigmented lesions known as ‘sun spots’ or ‘solar lentigo’ are caused by over exposure to the sun’s damaging UV rays and begin to appear around the age of 40. With SharpLight's treatment, you can safely and effectively get rid of unwanted pigmentation. The treatment is comfortable, fast and requires absolutely no downtime. Best of all, most patients can see dramatic results after the very first session.
Treats- Sun & Age spots, Photodamage, Melasma/Chloasma Sun, Uneven skin tone, Solar Lentigines & Freckles

Vascular Lesions -IPL with DPC Technology

Many vascular lesions seem to creep up on you. Suddenly, you look in the mirror and you notice spider veins or broken capillaries. The good news is that with SharpLight’s treatment, you can quickly and effectively remove these unwanted vascular lesions and restore your skin to its vein free complexion. There are many factors that cause vascular lesions to develop. A backup of blood in the vein is the most common cause.  
Treats- Cherry Angiomas, Erythema, Broken Capillaries, Telangietasia, Rosacea & Poikiloderma


Acne is one of the most common skin diseases ,and as such, about 80% of individuals aged 11-30 have experienced some form of acne out burst in their lifetime. There are many reasons for acne, including hormonal changes, stress and hygiene. Mild to moderate inflammatory acne is very common. Unfortunately, in some cases the acne doesn’t heal properly, resulting in acne scars

Stretch Marks

Stretch marks are one of the most common skin conditions, over 55% of women and 25% of men have them. They are created when the skin is stretched beyond its capacity. Common reasons include pregnancy, weight gain and puberty. Just because they appeared, doesn’t mean they need to stay

Spider Veins

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Skin Tightening

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Fractional Scaring & Resurfacing

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Removal of Skin Tags, Cherry Angioma & Warts

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