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Dubai is known for its ultramodern architectural design, technology development with a lively night-life.
Home of the tallest building in the world and Palms of Dubai.  We showcased the electric green colour to represent the energy of Dubai and our feature wall is circles that tie in the Palms of Dubai

Services available in Dubai
All IPL Laser
Full body waxing


Paris, the City of Light and known as the city of love.  We used an French inspired demask wall paper and showcase lots of crystal gems that sparkle like diamonds

The iconic Eiffel Tower is the symbol of Paris and we accented the room with hues of purple.

Services available in Paris
Side by side manicures
Side by side shiatsu massage pedicure chairs

New York

"The City That Never Sleeps"
Exhilarating Diverse Fast-Paced filled with skyscrapers.

Upon entering our New York room you will notice the pop of yellow to represent the yellow taxi cabs that fill the streets of New York.  The tall linear wall paper represents that feeling of grandeur from looking up at skyscrapers

Services available in New York


Diverse and beautiful, Iceland is home to some of the largest glaciers in Europe, as well as some of the world's most active volcanoes. The Icelandic landscape is characterized by a huge number of waterfalls, geysers, volcanoes, black sand beaches, and steaming lava fields.

When you enter our Iceland room, we have featured a very unique wall to represent the look of ice.  Our canvas art showcases the beautiful northern lights with reflective elements from the crystal light feature

Services available in Iceland
Eyelash extension


Santorini is arguably Greece's most beautiful island, it is a mix of towering cliffs, inky waters and whitewashed villages.
The Aegean Sea came pouring into the resulting caldera, leaving the crescent-shaped volcanic rock we now know as Santorini

When you enter our Santorini room you are greeted with a stunning brick wall with arched blue domed light rail that echoes the roofline of the famous Santorini Churches

Services available in Santorini
Relaxation Massages 


Located in Southeast Asia, Singapore is a city-state and is one of the most prosperous countries in the world. 
With a wonderful tropical climate, vibrant nightlife, fantastic shopping and exotic cuisine

Singapore's skyline features the design element of circular disk like shapes that we used as our inspiration for our dramatic wall.  We softened the room with the light pink hues that is inspired by the Japanese Cherry Blossom

Services available in Singapore
Side by side manicures
Side by side shiatsu massage pedicure chairs


You will immediately love it – 
Pure white sands, aquamarine waters and limestone cliffs await with trickling waterfalls.

Our floor to ceiling white tiled room with a vertical wavy inlay represents the waterfall of the Vichy Rain Shower.  The turquoise accents give the immediate feeling of relaxing as you have the feeling of being in Thialand laying in a bamboo hut.  

Services available in Phuket
Vichy rain treatment - body wrap
Vichy rain treatment - body scrub
Aroma head massage
Hot stone relaxation massage


The fragrant air of Morocco seems spiked with local spices from the markets.  Full of life and colour the richness of our modern basket weaved wall brings an instant calming effect.  

We showcase an ambre of purples in our tin wall art.

Service available in Morocco


From sandy beaches with emerald-blue water and palm trees under tranquil skies to the rugged, black shoulders of volcanoes that continue to reshape the earth.

Upon entering our Hawaii room you will be greeted with our specialty wall feature that represents the feeling of being on the beach in a tin hut.   Wall art instantly reminds you of the fresh ocean air and sandy beaches.